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John Kolenberg

John Kolenberg photo artist

San Miguel De Allende, guanajuato


i believe there is an artist inside all of us and that computerized photo painting is just as much of an art as other forms of painting....i believe van gogh and others like him would have used cameras and computers had they had them

i was born in rotterdam, holland, in 1953, immigrated to new orleans,louisiana at the age of seven, moved to los angeles,california in 1963...moved in many places in southern californa...san fernando valley,hollywood,san diego and palm springs.moved to san miguel de allende, mexico in july of 2008....i used to love to draw when i was young. watching the flinstones as a seven year old i could copy their pictures in a short time....did some light painting as well in my teens, mostly water color and acrylic.i spent most of my time in carpentry. came to photography late...i was shooting video and my sister recommended i use a camera instead....
great advice... i like to make digital photography pictures, mixing pictures i have taken in to a new art form... using painter 11, and corel photo paint and other programs and my imagination .. to create something different and new...

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i am a photographer and photo painter,enhancer.
contact me about ,touching up your photos to make them look better, so you can sell a picture you are proud of, color enhancements,cropping,and more,let me work with your picture to get the best out of it,you have nothing to lose,and a quicker sale to gain,its your work , give it the best to get the best sales.. and if you like it, it is only a small fee you can afford. if you cant afford the small fee i charge in the beginning, then you can pay when your picture sells, but it then it will be more of a can keep it a secret.or even colaborate with me and we split the profits..all it takes is one photo. again you have nothing to lose..only pay me if you are as happy as i am to do this for you.
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blue heron in my mexican garden by John Kolenberg


The Capilla del Santo Sepulcro by John Kolenberg


cat noir by John Kolenberg


young sunburst by John Kolenberg


rose with three faces by John Kolenberg


the walk home by John Kolenberg


canelo and maisha by John Kolenberg


magnolia tapestry by judy hall folde and john kolenberg


pelicans by John Kolenberg


balloon flight triptech composite by John Kolenberg


young woman looking at the parade by John Kolenberg


duck swimming down the walk by John Kolenberg


peter pelican 2 by John Kolenberg


frailes by John Kolenberg


julia at the parade by John Kolenberg


hey by John Kolenberg



under the sun by John Kolenberg


pinky by John Kolenberg


its on the corner by John Kolenberg


the best city in the world by John Kolenberg


vg on my way home by John Kolenberg


in the chair by John Kolenberg


the mexican outback by John Kolenberg


mr. fed by John Kolenberg


morning sun by John Kolenberg


showdown over her mexican hat by John Kolenberg


dropping in for a cup of coffee by John Kolenberg


early morning jazz in new orleans by John Kolenberg


serendipity by John Kolenberg


the close up by John Kolenberg


corazon rojo by John Kolenberg


portrait of a cat by John Kolenberg


the blue ash tray by John Kolenberg


church tower in coatepec by John Kolenberg


early morning in centro by John Kolenberg


sunflowers in a bunch by John Kolenberg


early in the morning by John Kolenberg


rose in front of white curtain by John Kolenberg


a portrait of canelo by John Kolenberg


fly catcher in heart shaped branch by John Kolenberg


sunshine came sofltly by John Kolenberg


i just love my new hat by John Kolenberg


sundance by John Kolenberg


in a parade by John Kolenberg


la adelita by John Kolenberg


good morning by John Kolenberg


little hummer on a branch by John Kolenberg


hummingbird panorama by John Kolenberg